Month: September 2014

first laser printer

This GIF shows how our desks have changed over the past 30 years

A beautiful representation sums up where most of the items on our desks have gone

abstract maps

“Abstract Maps” of cities around the world

series of illustrated maps that capture and show the essence of the world’s most famous cities


Blazing Yellow (©Pantone) >>> brutal concrete

Transition from “Blazing Yellow” as named by ©Pantone to brutal concrete: a photograph about contrast and opposites


Illustration of a dreamy Syngrou Avenue in Athens

Illustration of a dreamy Syngrou Avenue in Athens, capitalizing on its programmatic identity

Townshift tower of light - concept diagram

Townshift Competition proposal / Paisajes Emergentes

Gateway to the city: a tower of light welcomes drivers and tourists

Visitor Center in Tibet

Stone pavilion in Tibet (China): a colorfully exploded spatial transition

A visitor center combining traditional building techniques, local construction materials and a surprising use of color pigments

Non Program Pavilion - Salobrena (Spain)

Non Program Pavilion in Salobrena (Spain) | Jesus Torres Garcia

“Non program pavilion” in Salobrena, Spain. A reflections essay.

Teshima Art Museum - Collage

Teshima Art Museum | Kazuyo Sejima

Teshima art museum: organic architecture.
A white concrete curvy shell with two openings framing beatuful views of the sky and landscape


Façade(ries) | Timelapse of a changing façade

A dreamy timelapse video of a building façade interacting with weather, time and the urben landscape.