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Vicenza, Northern Italy >> Public square turned into an open-air museum

An open air museum settles in the main square of the “Borgo Berga” housing development: BUM (Berga Urban Museums). The museum is hosting 150 meters of artworks, by 25 different illustrators.

Borgo Berga is a new district in Vicenza, conceived to be a “city in the city”. Designed by Gonçalo Byrnes and Joao Numes, the projects consists in housing buildings, offices and facilities such as gyms and shops…everything is surrounded by nature, at Monte Berico’s base.

BUM aims to be an attraction for people and public. A remarkable goal, since newly developed areas usually run the risk of being forsaken and abandoned. Transforming an entire district into a cultural centre of the city. This is what Borgo Berga has to offer to the public, through a set-up gathering some of the leading illustrators, both italian and international.

Among the artists, stand out some international names: Jeremyville (author of the first book about toys design) , Noma Bar (winner of the Yellow Pencil Award for the cover serie Don DeLilo) , Stanlew Cow (whose sketch for the White Stripes was among the Grammy Awards’ nominations), Christoph Niemann (cartoonist for the New York Times) and Shout (who is going to hold his personal exhibit in Vicenza by the end of October).

Offical BUM website:                                              


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