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Rowers’ Hall Moto Guzzi >> A slow and deep dive into the lake’s stillness

Thanks to its linearity and lightness, it’s possible to recognize in the building the same calmness of the surrounding landscape.

Designed by the Italian Architectural firm act_romegialli, the Rowers’ Hall Moto Guzzi is a warehouse located just above the Lake of Como. The project received a Piranesi Award Honorable Mention in 2012.

The project is composed by two pavilions that fully embody the archetype of the warehouse: a long building with a double pitched roof.  The two parts are connected on the long side by a technical and service core. In spite of the two pavilions’ contiguity and similarity, the roofs are completely independent.

On the lakefront, a long and transparent glass surface lets people enjoy the view from the interior. The walls have a natural and sculptural finish: you can see the pattern of the OBS panels in which the concrete has dried. The glass façade and the wood-like concrete harmonize the massive warehouse with the beauty of the site.

Some other materials were chosen to recall local traditions. Roofs are realized with zinc-plated sheets, the same material used in the old jetties, the landing stages where people wait for the ferry. The external tympanum is covered by Ficus Pumila, according to a vernacular custom for farmsteads.

Using simple materials and a linear design, the architects have been able to build a light and evanescent architecture. The Rowers’ Hall Moto Guzzi pavilion is nicely in line with the calm and peaceful landscape: both characterized by faint colors and pure beauty.

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My fundamentals: creativity and pragmatism. When a was a little girl I wanted to be a vet during the week and a great painter on Saturdays and Sundays. Now, I am a confused and curious mind at Architecture's service.


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