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A cityscape lecture in Copenaghen >>>>>>>>>>>>>> The BLACK DIAMOND

The Black Diamond is an extension of the Danish Royal library in Copenaghen, designed by the architects Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen in 1999. (Read more about old/new, ancient/modern in: PRE-EXISTING | Building withis history)

Photos by © schmidt hammer lassen architects

In spite of the physical proximity of the two building, the contrast between the Black Diamond and the old library is clear and undeniable, both because of shape and materials.

Photos by ©

The nickname “Black diamond” is due to its shape and material: a sharp prism realized with black marble plates and glass. Broke up with the old library, the new building deeply relates with the waterfront as the façade reflects waves and ruffles.

Photos by © schmidt hammer lassen architects

Contrasts and oxymorons are not over, as they do not concern old and new but also inside and outside. In spite of its dark and barbed shell, the Black Diamond has a luminous and organic-designed atrium, with curved and smooth balconies fro which visitors can enjoy the panoramic view over the harbor.

Photos by © schmidt hammer lassen architects

The seven-storey building doesn’t host only the library functions but also but also a concert hall, exhibition galleries, bookshop, café and restaurant.

Between the old and the new building there is a bridge whose ceiling is decorated by Danish artist Per Kirkeby and inside the old building there is a Jewish museum has been designed by Daniel Libeskind in 2004 with sloping floors and light wooden interior. This variety of functions and spaces turned The Royal Library complex into a real cultural centre.

Photos by © schmidt hammer lassen architects

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