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New buildings for Swatch and Omega | SHIGERU BAN >> Winning competition entry

After winning the competition for “New Headquarters for Swatch and New Production Buildings for Omega” in Biel (Switzerland), Shigeru Ban’s proposal is now under construction.
Images by © shigeru ban

The site is a developing area, exposed to several revitalization interventions; the proposal aims to mantain the old Omega buildings and integrate them in the new project. This “conservative” solution helps the project to follow its double direction: attention to existing landscape and to brand identity.

Images by © swatch group

The central building shows a light structure and elevates on pillars; it acts like a connective space, hosting the overlapping functional areas between the two companies and serving also as an Omega and Swatch museum.

Images by © blaser architekten

Both Omega’s New Production Building and Swatch Headquarters will be timber-framed, but while the former is simple and linear, the latter is curved and semi-circular. This sinuous construction allowes circulation from one plaza to the other and clearly expresses its structure as much as the brand identity: wooden “swatch” crossing points alternate with a translucent envelope.


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