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Tainan Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan) | SHIGERU BAN >> Winning proposal

Shigeru Ban wins the International competition for the Tainan Museum of Fine Arts.
The museum, that will be fucused on art, literature and history, is supposed to promote Tawain’s emergent cultural interests with its new educational facilities: a 350 seat auditorium and several classes of different sizes.

The two aspects that define the winning scheme are PROGRAM and LANDSCAPE, wovened together. The program is simple and dynamic at the same time: some functions are organised in the central volume, so other radially spread across the site, on different and lower levels. A pentagonal roof canopy encloses the main building and moderates the inside/outside reationship. The surrounding landscape appears like an extension of the internal gallery: a park punctuated by pavilions and sculptures, provided also with public areas of recreation.

Images by © shigeru ban


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