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11th Street Bridge Park, Washington DC >> OMA + OLIN’s winning competition entry

“Our design for the 11th Street Bridge Park-the Anacostia Crossing-is a place of exchange. The park at Anacostia Crossing will connect two historically disparate sides of the river with a series of outdoor programmed spaces and active zones that will provide an engaging place hovering above, yet anchored in, the Anacostia River.”

(Read more on OMA Official Website)

Besides connecting the communities of the two sides of the river, the project aims to be an economic engine and a public health improvement, creating a new green lung of the city. These premises materialize in a long platform above the water that collects and organizes a wide and varied program of services: boat launches, an amphitheater, an interactive art feature, a grove of hammocks and a series of nets that would allow people to dangle out over the river.

Bridge Park_diagram4

Bridge Park_diagram1

Images:  © OMA & Luxigon © OMA + OLIN


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