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“One Athens” apartment building | Doxiadis and Divercity

How does one turn a modernist office building into contemporary luxury living?

Costantinos Doxiadis

Conversion of a well known 1950s landmark, originally designed by Constantinos Doxiadis, one of the leading figures of modern Greek architecture. Located in the foothills of Mount Lycabettus, the site was also the headquarters of Doxiadis and home to Athen’s technological institute and first computer.

The project by Divercity: as if modernism could benefit from today’s materials…

One Athens apartment building, Athens - Diversity ( back elevation view )

The key idea is to keep the volume of the original building unchanged: the modular grid, which is based on the program of the office building and recalls its original function. The grid is updated to include three different materials, distinguishing between the different levels of privacy rising from the diverse programme of a housing complex.

Private areas are covered in opaque panels of concrete. Translucent concrete is used for the intermediate spaces – the ever moving shadows behind these panels become a Chinese shadow play in the center of Athens,  created by the inhabitation of the space.

Glass is used extensively to make the most of the views of the Acropolis on one side and of Mount Lycabettus on the other.

One Athens will be a luxury housing complex consisting of 4 multi-storey buildings containing 26 lofts, apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and townhouses.


The ground floor is dedicated to common amenities, including a gym and spa, swimming pool and children’s play area. An exhibition space dedicated to Constantinos Doxiadis’ work and the history of the building welcomes the public into the marble-clad atrium. Some of the original features of the building are retained to preserve this iconic landmark, including the fountain that marked the ancient source of the Iridanos river.

The clash between the roughness and truthfulness of modernism with contemporary luxury is bridged through use contemporary finishes.

The apartments are make the most out of some key existing features such as the exposed ceiling and concrete framework. These are combined with new elements, such as the herringbone wood floor and the minimal window frames, which reference the architectural style of housing complexes during the modern movement of the 50’s and 60’s.

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Photos by Nikos Daniilidis, George Fakaros and Vangelis Paterakis


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