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WATERFRONTS | Opportunities of urban renovation

Waterfronts can be very difficult manage: one side, the beauty of shining water; on the other old and abandoned districts, such as harbour areas. But they can also hide great opportunities for urban renovation. That’s the case of Hamburg, Copenhagen and Amsterdam.


The art of sketches

What is the role of sketches in architecture ?
Not only do all contemporary architects use sketching as part of their design process, they also haven’t replaced it with technology.

MATERIALS | Building in glass

Architecture covered in glass, like a chameleon it is ever-changing:
A photographic library of contemporary glass architecture.


TYPOLOGY | The covered market

How does a typology survive?
The COVERED MARKET is a special building in the cities of all times.


MATERIALS | Ceramic cladding

Photographic proof of a success story: ceramics and architecture.


ELEMENTS | The Engawa

The engawa, is a typical element of the traditional Japanese house. From ancient Japan, a solution for today’s living.


TYPOLOGY | The warehouse

Warehouses used to dominate the the cities. They changed, almost disappeared, hid behind new materials. Now they’re back.


MATERIALS | Paper tube structures

Shigeru Ban’s PAPER TUBE STRUCTURES, the kind of magic that is worth a Pritzker.


Hortus Conclusus | art of isolation (poetica dell’isolamento)

Alberto Campo Baeza and the portuguese masters of architecture reinterpreted the concept to pave the way for a poetic image of separation, born from the Hortus Conclusus.


PRE-EXISTING | Building within history

The pre-existing has always been a complex theme. Both architects and artists have struggled around words such as monument and ruin.