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WHITE CUBE | An idea of gallery space

The “White Cube”. Is it some sort of white fetish or what?
Here’s why and how most art galleries are plain white.
Today, we are all familiar with the “white cube”. If you’ve ever been into a contemporary art museum, you’ve definitely experienced it: plain white walls, polished floors, basic furniture, artworks evenly lit from above (with the quiet help of artificial lighting).

This aesthetic, first experimented in the United States in the 50s, has come to define our idea of space in an art gallery. Its concept focuses on the intense relationship between space and visitor.


J. and W. Grimm Zentrum’s library, Berlin | Max Dudler

J. and W. Grimm Zentrum’s library in Berlin | Max Dudler.
With its wooden hall, rhythmic interior and progressive setback of the reading platforms… With its combination of natural lighting and personal spotlights, this library is an austere yet comforting place that encapsulates the nature of its program and function.

HOUSE in a PLUM grove | Kazuyo Sejima

Living habits rule over the living space, as the oriental aesthetic requires. Adopting this approach, even when the space is limited, the interior design allows every inhabitant to have his own privacy.

Zumthor Field chapel - panoramic view(dawn)

Zumthor’s Field Chapel >>> Landmark with a surprise interior

A monolithic architectural landmark hides a surprising mystical and sculptural interior, where light, matter and form create a unique architectural experience