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Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin | Memory in glass

Neo-gothic ornaments and Classicist volumes melt together, creating an outstanding object shaped by its context. Perfectly integrated in the city, the Philharmonic hall is also able to emerge as a new addition.


Superkilen, Copenhagen | TOPOTEK + BIG + SUPERFLEX

An architectural collage of cultural identity. Superkilen is a half a mile long urban space wedging through Nørrebro, one of the most ethnically diverse and socially challenged neighborhoods in Copenhagen: the architectural competition asked for an urban park to address the underlying social issues of Nørrebro.

Antinori Winery by Archea Associati | Design by subtraction

Cantina Antinori hides its gigantic footprint in the land and melts its curves with the surroundings. Visitors are welcomed, then captured, by this magic building wrapped in soil.


Am Kupfergraben 10 Gallery | David Chipperfield

The Am Kupfergraben 10 gallery overlooks the Museum Island in Berlin.
The city’s typical block opens up into a white cube filled with art.


Opera House, Copenhagen | Henning Larsen Architects

An architectural landmark to connect the new waterfront with the historical city centre. Designed by Henning Larsen Architects, the “Operaen” is located in Copenhagen’s inner harbour and completes the historical axis running from the Marble Church through Amalienborg and right into the Opera’s stage.


The Avenue on Portage >> a new dialogue with the city

The contemporary city still suffers everlasting question, such as public towards private. Here is 5468796 ‘s answer.


House of Music by Coop Himmelb(l)au | An apparently messy Chimera

The House of Music aims to be an “hybrid space for shared use”, that incentivizes the exchange between audiences, artists, students and educators. In fact, the building collects many different purposes – such as cultural uses and pedagogical functions – and also wide public spaces, all organized in an open and synergetic system.


Herzog & De Meuron’s “Helvetia” HQ | mirrors and chinese shadows

The whole project consists of 4 new buildings arranged on a pre existing cruciform complex, creating four new courtyards around the headquarters.


QUILOTOA CRATER BELVEDERE | Vertigo-like experience of a flooded volcano

QUILOTOA CRATER BELVEDERE | Turquoise waters, a breathtaking walk into the void: Jorge Andrade Benítez, Javier Mera Luna and Daniel Moreno Flores designed the Quilotoa Crater Overlook.


“One Athens” apartment building | Doxiadis and Divercity

How does one turn a modernist office building into contemporary luxury living?
Conversion of Costantinos Doxiadis’ Athenian landmark as if modernism could benefit from today’s materials.