Month: November 2014

The United States Courthouse >> Everlasting concept and tecnological innovation for ancestral values

The United States Courthouse by Thomas Phifer and Partners: everlasting concept and tecnological innovation for ancestral values

Lausanne FC stadium, SANAA - competition render III

SANAA | Lausanne stadium competition proposal

Lausanne stadium competition. SANAA proposal: an extra-thin, curvy concrete slab floating in mid air and a landscaped public space crawling its way into the stands.


Beethoven Festspielhaus competition >> SHORTLIST OF THREE

Beethoven Festspielhaus shortlist of three: David Chipperfield Architects, Kadawittfeldararchitektur and Valentiny hyp architects.

Fo-Shou house - Mansilla & Tuñón3

Fo-Shou house | Mansilla & Tuñón, in Nanjing – China.

A glowing lantern in a see-through wrapping.
Fo-Shou house by Mansilla & Tuñón. In Nanjing, China.


TYPOLOGY | The warehouse

Warehouses used to dominate the the cities. They changed, almost disappeared, hid behind new materials. Now they’re back.


Bill & Melinda Gates Hall | MORPHOSIS >> Form, sustainability and top class education combined

To encourage cooperation between two different disciplines, at Cornell University the schools of Computing Science and Information Science are joint together in one unique building: the Bill & Melinda Gates Hall (design by Morphosis Architects).

Artistar Cover

ARCHIST | Architect/Artist >> Greet the Artistar!

ARCHIST (Architect/Artist). How would famous artists design a building?
Illustrator Federico Babina creates the Artistar: can you find the correlation between architect and artist, work of art and architecture?
Here’s our take on his work.


HIGH-TECH | Technology and progress at architecture’s service

High-tech architecture incorporates elements of high-tech industry and technology into building design.

James Turrell – Skyspace – Section

Looking at the sky >> A magical experience in James Turrell’s “Skyspace” installation

A magical experience in James Turrell’s Skyspace installation:
“The Color Inside” is a milestone in The University of Texas at Austin’s Landmarks public art collection.