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Home for All, Japan |Emergency as an opportunity, architecture the answer

Japan 2011, a terrible earthquake + tsunami stroke entire cities and put people into caos. In front of emergency, loss and alienation, can architecture give any help? In 2011 Japan was hit by a strong earthquake (the most powerful ever registered in the country) and the Government immediately started rebuilding plans. These rebuilding strategies are submitted to strict rules, on order to optimize time and saving money…and leave very little freedom to architects, too little for those that see high potential post-emergency rebuilding. The KYSIN group is set up exactly in this occasion. Advertisements


House with ENGAWA in Japan >> architecture becomes nature

At the base of Mount Daisen, a project by Yuzo Osumi Architects: house with a contemporary take on the japanese traditional “Engawa” space

Teshima Art Museum - Collage

Teshima Art Museum | Kazuyo Sejima

Teshima art museum: organic architecture.
A white concrete curvy shell with two openings framing beatuful views of the sky and landscape