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Richard Serra | The space between art, site and viewer.

Not only a sculptor, Richard Serra is an eclectical artist. His out of reach ability to link site, art and viewer makes him one of the most recognized artist of our time.


WHITE CUBE | An idea of gallery space

The “White Cube”. Is it some sort of white fetish or what?
Here’s why and how most art galleries are plain white.
Today, we are all familiar with the “white cube”. If you’ve ever been into a contemporary art museum, you’ve definitely experienced it: plain white walls, polished floors, basic furniture, artworks evenly lit from above (with the quiet help of artificial lighting).

This aesthetic, first experimented in the United States in the 50s, has come to define our idea of space in an art gallery. Its concept focuses on the intense relationship between space and visitor.

Am Kupfergraben 10 Gallery | David Chipperfield

The Am Kupfergraben 10 gallery overlooks the Museum Island in Berlin.
The city’s typical block opens up into a white cube filled with art.


The art of sketches | Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano’s architecture is made of both theory and practice, both philosophy and matter. The sketch is the perfect toll to gather all the aspects that concern a building, to tell about each step of its project.


The art of sketches

What is the role of sketches in architecture ?
Not only do all contemporary architects use sketching as part of their design process, they also haven’t replaced it with technology.


Matadero cineteca & contemporary art centre, Madrid

Innovation in Detail.

A 1908-built slaughterhouse and livestock market of Arganzuela transformed into an art centre / cinema.

The fragile balance among the different finishes, materials, lights, spacious volumes and their industrial scale make up for a seductive place, especially for them vintage-lovers, and a spectacular effect.

James Turrell – Skyspace – Section

Looking at the sky >> A magical experience in James Turrell’s “Skyspace” installation

A magical experience in James Turrell’s Skyspace installation:
“The Color Inside” is a milestone in The University of Texas at Austin’s Landmarks public art collection.


SHIGERU BAN | Aspen Art Museum

The project is based on a few, simple points: the GRAND STAIRCASE, the “MOVING ROOM”, the WOODEN ROOF, the WOODEN SCREEN and the WALKABLE SKYLIGHTS.


Tainan Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan) | SHIGERU BAN >> Winning proposal

Shigeru Ban wins the International competition for the Tainan Museum of Fine Arts.
The museum, that will be fucused on art, literature and history, is supposed to promote Tawain’s emergent cultural interests with its new educational facilities.


25 years later | Remembering the Berlin Wall through landscaping and design

In Berlin, a light installation to commemorate the tearing down of the wall which separated the city.