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GASP by Room11 – Ribbon Walkway

GASP by Room11 Architects >> in Tasmania, Australia

A public walkway links and revives marginalised, but surprisingly beautiful sections of foreshore. “We move on from nostalgic visions of place-making and embrace interstitial spaces with relish”. Abundant birdlife and the silky surface of the river can be closely inspected as one walks the gentle arc which links an existing school, playground, major entrainment centre and rowing club. Punctuating the arc are two carefully crafted pavilions which offer shelter, seating and a location to pause and consider the water plane and sky.

ZAHA HADID climbs the Plan de Corones >> A drop of resin nested within the rocks

Designed by Zaha Hadid, the Messner Mountain Museum is the sixth of a series strongly wanted by Reinhold Messner, one of the world key character for alpinism and exploration. The project, designed by the Iranian architect Zaha Hadid, well known for her organic and at the same time hyper technological buildings, aims to represent the connection between man and mountain, the same connection created by alpinism.