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Superkilen, Copenhagen | TOPOTEK + BIG + SUPERFLEX

An architectural collage of cultural identity. Superkilen is a half a mile long urban space wedging through Nørrebro, one of the most ethnically diverse and socially challenged neighborhoods in Copenhagen: the architectural competition asked for an urban park to address the underlying social issues of Nørrebro.


11th Street Bridge Park, Washington DC >> OMA + OLIN’s winning competition entry

Anacostai Crossing: outdoor programmed spaces and active zones that will provide an engaging place. The project aims to be an economic engine and a new lung of the city.


Shouwburgplein, Rotterdam | West 8 >>> Urban stage, for everyone’s an actor

urban design & landscape architecture: An interactive public space, flexible in use, that changes throughout the day and from season to season.

De Ceuvel, Amsterdam - Birdseye View

De Ceuvel, Amsterdam >> a sustainable tale of rebirth

A polluted and unusable land becomes the site for a garden-like creative community, where ready-to-be-disposed-of houseboats have become sustainable ateliers.


When the context strikes you >> Caracas metro cable

It’s not unusual to find, especially in poor districts and in developing cities, modern architectures that clash with the surroundings. But in this case, it is the context that strikes you.

GASP by Room11 – Ribbon Walkway

GASP by Room11 Architects >> in Tasmania, Australia

A public walkway links and revives marginalised, but surprisingly beautiful sections of foreshore. “We move on from nostalgic visions of place-making and embrace interstitial spaces with relish”. Abundant birdlife and the silky surface of the river can be closely inspected as one walks the gentle arc which links an existing school, playground, major entrainment centre and rowing club. Punctuating the arc are two carefully crafted pavilions which offer shelter, seating and a location to pause and consider the water plane and sky. Advertisements


25 years later | Remembering the Berlin Wall through landscaping and design

In Berlin, a light installation to commemorate the tearing down of the wall which separated the city.


London’s newest Lullaby Factory >> A romantic vision of industry

An enclosed space is turned into a Lullaby Factory by Stodio Weave, London.


Vicenza, Northern Italy >> Public square turned into an open-air museum

Open air museum in the main square of the “Borgo Berga” housing development. A “city in the city” in Vicenza