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Matadero cineteca & contemporary art centre, Madrid

Innovation in Detail.

A 1908-built slaughterhouse and livestock market of Arganzuela transformed into an art centre / cinema.

The fragile balance among the different finishes, materials, lights, spacious volumes and their industrial scale make up for a seductive place, especially for them vintage-lovers, and a spectacular effect.


Neues Museum, Museum Island Berlin | David Chippefield

After 60 years of ruins, the Neues Museum (Museum Island, Berlin) reopened to the public thanks to David Chipperfield’s renovation.


Everyman Theatre >>> Liverpool’s iconic building masterfully restored, expanded and handed to the community

The Everyman wins Haworth Tompkins the 2014 Sterling Prize:
The glass fa├žade is concealed behind large panels portraying random Liverpool citizens, making this building one with which the community can identify.