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WHITE CUBE | An idea of gallery space

The “White Cube”. Is it some sort of white fetish or what?
Here’s why and how most art galleries are plain white.
Today, we are all familiar with the “white cube”. If you’ve ever been into a contemporary art museum, you’ve definitely experienced it: plain white walls, polished floors, basic furniture, artworks evenly lit from above (with the quiet help of artificial lighting).

This aesthetic, first experimented in the United States in the 50s, has come to define our idea of space in an art gallery. Its concept focuses on the intense relationship between space and visitor.

Harvard Art Museums, Renzo Piano - Interior View3

Harvard Art Museums | RENZO PIANO >> Exhibition and research combined, to harvest innovation

Harvard Art Museums: Renzo Piano’s renovation and expansion makes the most out of the existing building.
When old and new coexist seamlessly, with no compromise.


Neues Museum, Museum Island Berlin | David Chippefield

After 60 years of ruins, the Neues Museum (Museum Island, Berlin) reopened to the public thanks to David Chipperfield’s renovation.


Kolumba Museum | Atelier Peter Zumthor

Continuity between present and past in the main theme of the project: the competition annuncement clearly stated that the museum had to be settled in the recently discovered archeological site. The city of Cologne (Germany) needed a museum that could be both a box for a permanent attractions, the remnants, but also an adaptable space for temporary exhibitions. Learn more about history and project: The PRE-EXISTING | Building within history    Project by Atelier Peter Zumthor Photos by  Jose Fernando Vazquez, Jörn Schiemann, Marina López Salas, Yuri Palmin GRAPHICS BY ARCHISCAPES Advertisements


PAMM | Herzog & De Meuron >> Surrounded by and filled with nature

A museum surrounded and filled by nature in Miami. Herzog and De Meuron give to the city a space for art and for people .


Acropolis Museum, Athens | BERNARD TSCHUMI

Designed as a succession of concrete slabs and with the utmost simplicity, the Museum is deliberately non-monumental.


California Academy of Science | RENZO PIANO >> Man, nature and discovery

San Francisco is a city with a deep passion for knowledge of nature: since 1853 the city is the headquarter of the California Academy of Sciences, one of the most prestigious institutions in the US. RBWB reaffirm this vocation with an incredible building, between discover and landscape.


SHIGERU BAN | Aspen Art Museum

The project is based on a few, simple points: the GRAND STAIRCASE, the “MOVING ROOM”, the WOODEN ROOF, the WOODEN SCREEN and the WALKABLE SKYLIGHTS.


Tainan Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan) | SHIGERU BAN >> Winning proposal

Shigeru Ban wins the International competition for the Tainan Museum of Fine Arts.
The museum, that will be fucused on art, literature and history, is supposed to promote Tawain’s emergent cultural interests with its new educational facilities.