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Nobel Center competition, stage II >> 3 shortlisted projects, 1 winning design.

Nobel Center competition, stage II – 3 shortlisted projects, 1 winning design.
Construction is supposed to start in 2015 and last for 3 years; before the first stone is placed, an archeological excavation will be conducted on the site.


Nobel Center competition, stage I >> A roundup of all 10 proposals

Eleven architects faced the complex task of developing a conceptual proposal for the architectural design of the Nobel Center.
A place that engages, inspires and stimulates curiosity:
The building to celebrate the legacy of the Nobel Prize and to host the annual Ceremony is set to be completed by 2018.

Lausanne FC stadium, SANAA - competition render III

SANAA | Lausanne stadium competition proposal

Lausanne stadium competition. SANAA proposal: an extra-thin, curvy concrete slab floating in mid air and a landscaped public space crawling its way into the stands.


New buildings for Swatch and Omega | SHIGERU BAN >> Winning competition entry

After winning the competition for “New Headquarters for Swatch and New Production Buildings for Omega” in Biel (Switzerland), Shigeru Ban’s proposal is now under construction.


Tainan Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan) | SHIGERU BAN >> Winning proposal

Shigeru Ban wins the International competition for the Tainan Museum of Fine Arts.
The museum, that will be fucused on art, literature and history, is supposed to promote Tawain’s emergent cultural interests with its new educational facilities.


Peter Guthrie Visualisation | THE TWINS by William O’Brien

Peter Guthrie Visualisation focuses on personal projects, blogging and HDRi skies. The gallery shows his visualizations of The Twins by William O’Brien: two holiday homes for two brothers in upstate New York.


Unbuilt in Warsaw – Christian Kerez

Christian Kerez and the story of his unbuilt winning project.
A minimalist building with beautiful lighting.

Lofoten Hotel - Spa

Site into Place >>> landscape and built environment enhance eachother’s potential

Impressive site and impressive architecture by snohetta.
Hotel&spa building in Norway


Illustration of a dreamy Syngrou Avenue in Athens

Illustration of a dreamy Syngrou Avenue in Athens, capitalizing on its programmatic identity

Townshift tower of light - concept diagram

Townshift Competition proposal / Paisajes Emergentes

Gateway to the city: a tower of light welcomes drivers and tourists