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Campus Vitra >> DIOGENE | Renzo Piano

Campus Vitra >> DIOGENE | Renzo Piano.

Minimalist housing has always interested Renzo Piano, since he was a student. Almost obsessed by the idea, during his career Renzo Piano proposed the “mini house” theme to his students in London and also designed some contemporary “unités d’habitation” such as cars, boats and cells for nuns. At that time there were no reasons of economic efficiency but only self-moderation.


Casa MO in Zapalar, Chile >> Gonzalo Mardones Viviani

Casa MO in Chile by Architect Gonzalo Mardones Viviani – A house overlooking the ocean.


HOUSE in a PLUM grove | Kazuyo Sejima

Living habits rule over the living space, as the oriental aesthetic requires. Adopting this approach, even when the space is limited, the interior design allows every inhabitant to have his own privacy.

Aires Mateus - House in Fontinha

House in Fontinha (Portugal) | Aires Mateus

Aires Mateus has the gift of being able to capture the underlying essence of a piece of land. This house, like many more that he’s built, looks like it’s been on that hill forever.


Maggie’s Center Lanarkshire | Reiach and Hall Architects

The latest Maggie’s Center for cancer care is wrapped in glass and nature. Light and life get also inside the building, thanks to the several internal courtyards.

Christian Kerez . House with one Wall . Zurich (1)

One wall house – Christian Kerez

One wall house – Christian Kerez: a house with only one wall shaping its interior and organizing the circulation.


Peter Guthrie Visualisation | THE TWINS by William O’Brien

Peter Guthrie Visualisation focuses on personal projects, blogging and HDRi skies. The gallery shows his visualizations of The Twins by William O’Brien: two holiday homes for two brothers in upstate New York.


House with ENGAWA in Japan >> architecture becomes nature

At the base of Mount Daisen, a project by Yuzo Osumi Architects: house with a contemporary take on the japanese traditional “Engawa” space

Anthropic - House + Car

Cliff House by Modscape in Australia

Cliff House by Modscape hangs over the ocean in Australia and is part of its new coastal landscape