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The art of sketches

What is the role of sketches in architecture ?
Not only do all contemporary architects use sketching as part of their design process, they also haven’t replaced it with technology.


An entertaining story about
Frank Owen Gehry (born Frank O. Goldberg, 1929). Known for his sculptural and organic designs, he is the only architect having appeared on “The Simpsons”.

Biomuseo Panama - elevation

Biomuseo de Panama, Color and Curved steel… An architecural landmark on the “Bridge of Americas”

The “Puente de Vida Museum” by Frank Gehry features an impressive design inspired by the natural forces that gave birth to this land, as well as an image deeply rooted in the Panamese history and culture. Designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, the Biomuseo is his first work in Latin America and the tropics. The building was designed to tell the story of how the isthmus of Panama rose from the sea, uniting two continents and separating a vast ocean… altering the planet’s biodiversity forever.