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Frank O Gehry 3

Frank Owen Gehry (born Frank Owen Goldberg; February 28, 1929) is a Canadian-American Pritzker Prize winning architect based in Los Angeles.

Known for his sculptural and organic designs, he is a among the most coveted architects of Deconstructivism.

In 1989, Gehry was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

“If I knew where I was going, I wouldn’t do it. When I can predict or plan it, I just don’t do it.”

[Frank Gehry]

“I was a truck driver in L.A., going to City College, and I tried radio announcing, which I wasn’t very good at. I tried chemical engineering, which I wasn’t very good at and didn’t like, and then I remembered. You know, somehow I just started racking my brain about, “What do I like?” Where was I? What made me excited? And I remembered art, that I loved going to museums and I loved looking at paintings, loved listening to music. Those things came from my mother, who took me to concerts and museums. I remembered Grandma and the blocks, and just on a hunch, I tried some architecture classes.”

Gehry is the sole architect to have been included in the popular tv show “the Simpsons”, for his unconventional and controversial style.

“Gehry’s work is a highly refined, sophisticated and adventurous aesthetic that emphasizes the art of architecture. Always open to experimentation, he has as well a sureness and maturity that resists, in the same way that Picasso did, being bound either by critical acceptance or his successes. His buildings are juxtaposed collages of spaces and materials that make users appreciative of both the theatre and the back-stage, simultaneously revealed.”

[from the 1989 Pritzker jury citation]

“Sketches of Frank Gehry” | directed by Sydney Pollack

Frank Gehry’s Work

Frank Gehry’s projects on Archiscapes

“I approach each project with a new insecurity, almost like the first project I ever did, and I get the sweats, I go in and start working, I’m not sure where I’m going.”

[Frank Gehry]


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