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“One Athens” apartment building | Doxiadis and Divercity

How does one turn a modernist office building into contemporary luxury living?
Conversion of Costantinos Doxiadis’ Athenian landmark as if modernism could benefit from today’s materials.


Campus Vitra >> FIRE STATION | Zaha Hadid

The Vitra fire station is Hadid’s showcased work that delves into the deconstructivist theoretical language that she developed through her paintings as a conceptual mediator of finding spatial relationships and form. The Vitra fire station is a synthesis of philosophy and architecture that bridges the Vitra design campus to its surrounding context.

The fire station is a composition of concrete planes that bend, tilt, and break according to the conceptual dynamic forces that are connecting landscape and architecture. The building is thought to be frozen in motion, heightening the dynamism of the forces used to create the formal aesthetic that is suspended in a state of tension creating a sense of instability.


PAMM | Herzog & De Meuron >> Surrounded by and filled with nature

A museum surrounded and filled by nature in Miami. Herzog and De Meuron give to the city a space for art and for people .


Acropolis Museum, Athens | BERNARD TSCHUMI

Designed as a succession of concrete slabs and with the utmost simplicity, the Museum is deliberately non-monumental.

Teshima Art Museum - Collage

Teshima Art Museum | Kazuyo Sejima

Teshima art museum: organic architecture.
A white concrete curvy shell with two openings framing beatuful views of the sky and landscape