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Herzog & De Meuron’s “Helvetia” HQ | mirrors and chinese shadows

The whole project consists of 4 new buildings arranged on a pre existing cruciform complex, creating four new courtyards around the headquarters.


Rabobank HQ | Sander Architecten

Giant cylinders of cardboard, timber screens, translucent Japanese paper, springy lanterns and skylights create the puzzle of lights and cylindrical shapes that characterizes the Rabobank HQ.


Tamedia office building in Zurich >>> Shigeru Ban creates a jenga-like building with a timber structure

Tamedia HQ in Zurich >>> Shigeru Ban’s jenga-like building:
Japanese traditional construction, timber joints, sustainability.

first laser printer

This GIF shows how our desks have changed over the past 30 years

A beautiful representation sums up where most of the items on our desks have gone