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ARCHIST | Architect/Artist >> Greet the Artistar!

Artistar Cover

How would famous artists design a building? Greet the Artistar.

Illustrator Federico Babina creates the Artistar. Can you find the correlation between architect and artist, work of art and architecture?

Here’s our take on his work.
Babina, Archist - Stella Seagram Building

Frank Stella vs Seagram Building

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Admittedly, it was easy to pair Frank Stella’s Marriage of reason and squallor to Mies Van Der Rohe’s Seagram Building. But, can you see another match?

Babina, Archist - Picasso Dancing House

Picasso vs Dancing House

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It got harder and it’s questionable, but I can’t be that wrong in finding a connection between Picasso and Gehry!

Tony Smith CCTV

Tony Smith CCTV

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Well, we nailed this one. No question about that. And the next one is downright obvious…

Babina, Archist - Mondrian Maison Schroder

Mondrian Maison Schroder

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As I said earlier, it was easy.

Christo vs Ville Savoye

Christo vs Ville Savoye

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And there’s plenty more! Can you guess some?


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