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The Avenue on Portage >> a new dialogue with the city

Private and public are different realities that get in touch in the city.

Sometimes they clash, but the usual  and present approach is to
create connection and dialogue between them.

Here is the solution developed by the architecture studio 5468796 in Winnipeg .

In the early 1900s, the Avenue and Hample Buildings were the major retail destinations in Winnipeg; then they experienced a slow decline and the derelict properties became the site for a new urban resource: 75 rental apartments and 2000 sqm.
The project was committed in 2010 are completed in 2012.

[visit: the Avenue on Portage offical website]

>> The original façade is completely transformed by ‘simple’ actions.

a+h diagrams PUSHING / PULLING


On the ground floor, the glass façade folds in two narrowings that defines two different entries: one for the public and one for the residents. These V-shaped entrances look like a continuation of the sidewalk; they are doorways between the inside space (the building) and the outside area (the city).


Starting from the first floor, the façade is punctuated by steel balconies cantilever from existing window openings. Their mirror-finish aluminum cladding provide to their disguise with the rest of the building: according to the point of view, the balconies reflect the sky, the surrounding and the façade itself.


Thanks to this special cladding, you can see the balconies from the half-face of the building but it’s difficult to recognize their projection from the front side. Moreover, a faceted canopy unifies the ground-facade with the upper-facade. Once more, the building breaks its limits and trespass on the city the canopy stick out of almost 4 meters.

[Photos by James Brittain]

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