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MATERIALS | Building in glass

Architecture covered in glass: like a chameleon it is ever-changing.

Buildings that fade into the sky, façades that reflect the surroundings, glass that lights up in the dark: only great architects can paint a canvas using materials.

It’s thanks to visionary architects who believe they can alter perception and create new experiences that technological innovation happens.

Wheather it’s to improve a building’s performance and sustainability, to have it glow at night or make it disappear, the advancement in glass production is – and has been – one major reason for the success of contemporary architecture.

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Elbphilarmonie, Hamburg – Herzog & De Meuron

Fortaleza Hall, Wisconsin – Foster & Partners

Louvre, Lens – Sanaa

New trade fair, Milan – Fuksas

Jerome L. Greene science center, NY – Renzo Piano

One World Trade Center, NYC – SOM

Nanjing Sifang Art Museum, China – Steven Holl

Corning museum of glass, NY – Thomas Phifer

Admirant entrance building, Eindhoven – Fuksas

Glass pavilion, Toledo – Sanaa

Gymnasium and Esplanade, France – LAN Architecture

UniCredit tower, Milano – Pelli Clarke Pelli

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© Photo Credits: Iwan Baan ; SC Johnson ; Thies Raetzke ; Herzog & de Meuron ; Enclos ; Studio Fuksas; SOM


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